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The new hobby for magnetic fishing is attracting more and more people all over the world. . To become a magnetic fisherman you only need to tie a good magnet to a rope, throw it into the river and wait for it to 'pick' something. But it's not worth any magnet. Those used in this new 'sport' are so powerful that they are able to drag objects up to 80 kilos in weight. What kind of objects are obtained with magnetic fishingMetal fishermen find everything at the bottom of rivers: from scooters to bicycles, fences and hundreds of keys to those 'love' padlocks that lovers hook to bridges. Also many antiques, such as the rifle of more than a hundred years that found in the Seine one of these fishermen.Similar to geocaching, the fishing of objects with magnets has become a real sport. It consists of recovering metal objects from wells, rivers, lakes, etc. with the help of time-seeking magnets. With our magnets, some customers have already brought to light bullets from ancient cannons, but also rusty bikes and nails, among many other things.Here are the magnets that, from experience, are best suited for this.What magnets do I use to fish for objects?For beginners we recommend, for example, our treasure-seeking magnets with a clamping force of 30 or 45 kg. The package already includes everything you need to be able to fish with magnets. Those looking for something more personalized can make their own magnetic fishing rod. Our container magnets are the ideal base for this. In addition, in our virtual shop you will find accessories such as eyebolts, carabiners or polypropylene ropes.For those who already have experience in magnet fishing we have in our assortment three powerful treasure-seeking magnets. These have two sticky surfaces, which increases the chances of getting good fishing.magnet fishingBelow you will find a summary of the different types of magnets that are suitable for fishing objects.